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Hypnotherapy Packages

Advances in Hypnotherapy over the past few decades have lead to wonderful results. No matter what you require, Be Hypnotherapy provides services to help you unlock your potential.
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Hypnotherapy for Self Love and Confidence


1 x 90 minute session with 2 x 60 minute sessions. Targeting all areas around self love, self worth, self sabotaging behaviours and ultimately increasing and building your confidence. The way we talk to ourselves and how we respond to our inner critic may be preventing us from moving forward in achieving goals and becoming our most authentic and best self. Through focusing on and clearing, then reframing how our subconscious is talking to us we are able finally make those beautiful changes to the way we feel, think and ultimately act.

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Hypnotherapy for Stress and Anxiety


If you’re holding the weight of anxious feelings, hypnotherapy can help. Teach your mind and body to handle overwhelming emotions in a healthy way, and activate positive skills and resources that will help you think more clearly and focus more easily.


Hypnotherapy for Healthy Habits


This package offers five sessions, consisting of one 90-minute session and four 60-minute sessions. It combines practices from our anxiety and stress package, as well as our self-love and confidence package. Often, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk can prevent us from establishing healthy habits that support our overall well-being.
The Healthy Habits package is designed to help you reestablish the connection between your mind and body. Through our sessions, we will work together to explore any impediments that may be preventing you from building a solid foundation for your health, such as negative self-talk or limiting beliefs. We'll also focus on developing healthy habits around nutrition and exercise, which will support your overall health and wellness.
By working together, we can help you overcome any obstacles and establish the healthy habits you need to live your best life. Let's start building your foundation for wellness today!

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Hypnotherapy for Stopping Smoking or Vaping


This package is designed to identify and clear out any underlying blockages in your subconscious mind that are preventing you from quitting smoking once and for all. This package is only designed for those who are 150% consciously ready to quit smoking for good. If you aren’t there yet; please save your time and money and come back to me when you are ready. I will be in contact prior to your appointment to ensure you are ready to roll.

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Hypnotherapy for Fertility Relaxation

$225 per session

This package includes 6 x 90 minute sessions.  This package is ideal for any woman currently experiencing unexplained fertility challenges or undergoing any fertility procedures. These sessions focus on identifying and eliminating any underlying stressors, anxieties or blockages that may preventing you from conceiving. Creating a natural brdige between your mind and body to create a calm, hospitable climate for pregnancy. Enhancing physical balance and energy, and at a deeper level, hypnosis can help release cycles of dread, grief, and internal conflict, so you can move forward with peace, purpose, and positive expectancy.

Newborn Baby



Learn breathing, relaxation, and hypnosis techniques to soothe the nervous system and quiet the mind for labour and birth. These thorough, thoughtful sessions will equip you to connect to your birth experience with presence of mind and work with your body. In addition to the techniques and hypnosis, these sessions are rich with information about what you might expect on your birthing day. While everybody’s birth is different, and there is no one “right” way, every mother deserves to be free from unnecessary fears and anxiety and feel equipped to move through choices or challenges with calm and clarity. Come and discover how to allow for your birth to be calm, empowering and a positive memory to cherish.

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I have seen Bec for a few sessions over the last few months and she has been nothing short of amazing. Her calm presence makes you feel so at ease. Bec has helped me navigate  some heavy life stresses and has been a pivitol part in regaining balance to my life again. I highly recommend Bec she has truly been able to lift such a weight off my shoulders.

- Stacey

I had been recommended to go see Bec through a friend. I had no idea what to expect but I am so glad I did. After struggling with ongoing anxiety, hypnotherapy was an absolute game changer and I am so happy to say that I have more balance back in my life and I am no longer struggling with anxiety.

- Claire

I am feelng really good after our last session. I feel everything makes more sense for me now. I'm more stable over all, I'm happier, I'm learning and growing each day and honestly I can't thank you enough.

- Staci

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