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Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Meet Bec, a uniquely qualified professional who brings together a rare blend of skills as a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trainer and Neurolinguistic Practitioner (NLP).
With a previous work history in corporate environments and a particular interest in human behaviour, neuroscience, and psychology, she possesses an intriguing professional background. Her fervent dedication lies in enhancing the mental and emotional wellbeing of individuals, harnessing the profound potential of the mind-body connection, and having resources to reduce stress and anxiety.

Having overcame personal challenges related both mental and physical, Bec’s journey has equipped her with invaluable insights. Today, she channels her wisdom and expertise into working with individuals along with conducting impactful workshops and inspiring speaking engagements, empowering others to unveil their true potential for transformation and healing.
Through her guidance, people discover the power to cultivate positive change, paving the way for a brighter more fulfilling future.

Meet Bec: About

Credentials & Certifications

ATCL & LTCL Diploma Speech and Drama - Trinity College of London
Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy - NZ Professional School of Hypnotherapy 
Registered Hypnotherapist - National Council for Hypnotherapy 
Registered Hypnotherapy Trainer - NZ Professional School of Hypnotherapy 
Certified NLP Practitioner - NZ Professional School of Hypnotherapy 

Strategic NLP - NZ School of Hypnotherapy
Certified Nutritional Health Coach - Well College Global
Certified EFT Practitioner - The Priority Academy
Certified Hypnobirthing Educator
Certified Hypnosis for Fertility Practitioner 
Certified Postpartum Educator 

Meet Bec: About
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